Baby Room

Our Baby Room can accommodate up to 12 babies, starting from 6 weeks and moving on when your child is developmentally ready, which is normally between 12 - 15 months. The staff to child ratio within the Baby Room is 1:3. This cosy room lends itself to a homely environment helping to achieve a smooth transition into nursery life.

Routines are extremely important and during your pre-arranged settling in periods your allocated key worker will ensure that all your baby’s needs are catered for. The key worker will take charge of completing daily routines for your baby and monitoring their development through reports and records. Staff will, at the end of each day; provide you with both a verbal and written account of your child’s day.

Our Baby Room development strategies concentrate on learning through play, using messy activities such as jelly, custard & beans through to ribbons, scarves & feathers. Staff plan appropriate activities for this age range and work with the Early Years Foundation Stage framework (EYFS) on a daily basis. Babies are encouraged to begin verbal and non-verbal communication with both their peers and carers focusing on repetition and imitation, we also introduce a weekly Makaton sign which is taught throughout the younger groups in the nursery to encourage communication.

We also provide the babies with heuristic and sensory opportunities through the use of treasury baskets to engage the baby’s senses and curiosities of everyday objects. Outdoor learning is catered for by regular outings, taken in and around the surrounding countryside, along with use of the nursery garden where we have equipment and activities to stimulate the development of your baby.

Babies are given a nutritious balanced diet which is prepared daily on site by our nursery chef. Younger babies are catered for as they are given puréed fruit/veg before they are introduced to meats and other food substances. (Please refer to our menus for further details). The Stables also has the facilities to store and warm bottles and feeds which are labelled accordingly.